This is where you can find out a little bit more about Katie….


Favourite food: I really like food. It’s hard to narrow it down, everything from roast dinner to halloumi salad. With lots of sweets as well.
Favourite colour: purple, you have to have a favourite if you work with children as you will be asked at least once a week.
favourite book: I don’t read as much as I should but I am always very touched by british stage actors autobiographies and Year of the King by Sir Antony Sher was a realy favourite. Also Moab is my Washpot which I read at 15 and had a profound effect on me.
favourite film: I’m a film snob, I can’t abide care chases or special effects. Anything with an excellent script and talented actors, even if it only cost £50 to make.

If I could be introduced to anyone in the world, who would I choose from the following categories:

actor / actress: So many, I love the theatre and there are literally hundreds, however I would really like to meet Samuel West, I would talk to him about Shakespeare and admire his hair.

musician: I know so little about music… perhaps I could meet a whole orchestra because I am always fascinated how so many people and instruments can sound so good together.

cartoon character: I have a soft spot for SpongeBob Squarepants. But also the Raggy Dolls from the 80’s/90’s I loved them.

sports person: Cricket, any cricketer who was in the 2005 ashes side.

book character: George Kirrin from the Famous Five (and Timmy) my heroine growing up, she can do anything any boy can do and that’s such an important message. And she never told lies. She was also grumpy and cross but loyal and bright.

writer: Shakespeare. I love William Shakespeare.


I love spending time doing these things:
cooking and baking
2- watching (Disney) films with my fiance
3- listening to many many podcasts; The Parapod, Frank Skinner, No Such thing as a fish, Dedicated to DLP, Magical Disneyland Paris Podcast, Elis James and John Robins, Answer Me This….

I would never spend time doing these things:
playing any sort of sport
2- staying up late
3- being anywhere loud

I worry about…. so many things, but I’m getting better at it.

I am proud of…. making this podcast, it started with a small ambition and a text message and look at where we are now.

I am interested in…. theatre, drama, actors, cakes, Disney, words and their meanings.

I am afraid of…. not a lot. With my imagination I’ve always imagined something scarier! Apart from crabs – I hate them.

I don’t believe in…. telling people what they want to hear instead of the truth.

I am good at…. thinking and analysing

I am poor at…. getting out of bed or away from the computer to actually do things.

I have to…. remember that people are allowed to like different things to me and it doesn’t make them bad.

Comedians, my nephews & niece and Jen’s hashtags….make me laugh

Seeing the way the majority of children are being brought up….make me sad

Incompetence and inability to admit mistakes ….makes me angry


 Lots of Disney Questions!

Favourite animated film: Frozen, Lion King, Toy Story 3

Favourite live action film:  Mary Poppins without a doubt

Favourite character: Stitch

Favourite villain: Scar from the Lion King or Captain Hook

Favourite hero: I really like Aladdin

Favourite heroine: Belle or Elsa

Favourite princess: Anna from Frozen

Favourite prince: Hmmm Prince Hans…. kidding!! Maybe Prince ‘Adam’ aka Beast

Favourite animal sidekick: Is a snowman an animal? Because Olaf

Favourite human sidekick: Um…I can’t even think of one… is Ryan from HSM one?

Favourite duo: Timon and Pumbaa of course!

Favourite voice actor: Josh Gad is great as Olaf

Favourite live actor: Julie Andrews

Favourite quotes: “When I was a young warthog” lion king “Cheeky!” Mary P, “Hairy Baby!” Big hero 6 “Congratulations San Francisco, you’ve ruined pizza!” Inside out

Favourite out takes (Pixar films): Monsters Inc – the musical scenes!

Favourite princess movie: Frozen

Favourite non princess movie: Hercules, Meg is better than most Princesses

Favourite scene: From the minute they go up the chimney to the conversation between Bert and Mr Banks in Mary Poppins

Favourite song: Too many, Hakuna Matata, Beauty and the Beast, Let it Go, A whole new world,  Part of your world, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, Feed the Birds, King of New York, Santa Fe, Breaking Free, Fabulous and so on…

Favourite couple: Mufasa and Sarabi

Favourite kiss: Uh the soppy bit, I like it in Muppets Christmas Carol where Rizzo kisses Gonzo on the nose!!

Favourite hair: Rapunzel in Tangled. So long, so powerful!

Favourite fairy: Tinkerbell. I used to think she was a total splitter until I learnt that J M Barrie said that Fairies were so small they could only feel one emotion at a time.

Favourite dance: King of New York from Newsies

Favourite sequel: Toy Story 2 and 3 are better than 1.

Favourite outfit: Belle’s golden dress is gorgeous (and that is as soppy as I get)

Favourite wardrobe: Kelsi in High School Musical!

Favourite setting: Mary Poppins’ London

Favourite soundtrack: The Ratatouille music is beautiful.  

Favourite resort: Disneyland Paris.

Favourite ride(s): Pirates of the Caribbean

Favourite memory from the parks: So many, seeing the castle for the first time, falling in love with Dale and ‘getting married’ Liz trying to put a toy on a shelf that wasn’t there. Staying at the Disneyland Hotel, playing with so many characters, having my cowboy had passed around by characters.

Favourite show in the parks: Being a film student I love cinemagique.

Favourite restaurant in the parks: Really liked Inventions, but the place I was desperate to return to was Blue Lagoon.

Favourite food in the parks: We like to have the chips with mayo and ketchup!

Favourite face character parks: I haven’t met many because I once freaked out Mulan.

Favourite character in the parks: Stitch!

Favourite piece of Disney clothing: I have a grumpy hoody that I love and a stitch one that’s so comfy and obviously in 1995 my Lion King Jumper

Favourite piece of Disney accessory: My stitch bag that I wear to DLP but it’s breaking and I can’t find one ANYWHERE!

Favourite piece of Disney merchandise: Tsum Tsums! And anything stitch. I have a lot of stitch stuff, mugs, teddies, pens, stationary, blanket, cookie jar, and on

Favourite Disney pin: Emma bought me one on our first DLP trip which says Happy Birthday.

Favourite Disney podcast: Dedicated to DLP is a brilliant podcast for all things Disneyland Paris.

A scene in any Disney movie you wish you could experience: I would like to be in the drama group in high school musical!

Which world / setting would you like to live in the most: Mary Poppins’ London. On those roofs looking out on the things half in shadow and halfway in light

Which character are you most like? Probably Stitch, little and naughty and grumpy and a bit distructive and also an alien….!

A moment that never fails to make you cry: …Dad? …Mom? “We only have each other” “Baby Mine” Toy Story 3 holding hands. Saying goodbye to Boo, Bing Bong! Lilooooo! And so many things in Big Hero 6. (N.B I have not seen Up yet)

A moment that never fails to make you laugh: The characters in inside out, Stitch with a bra on his head, Timon and Pumbaa, “Put that thing back where it came from or so help me!” ‘Drunk Baymax’ Olaf skiing down the hill being told to stay out of sight “Hi!” Scar’s hair flick.

A film you can watch over and over: Mary Poppins, Newsies, Ratatouille, Muppets Christmas Carol

A film you feel you wasted your life watching: I’ve got a feeling those are to come!

A film you wish was Disney so you could discuss it on the podcast: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang or Oliver!