Here is where you can find out a little bit more about Jen….

favourite food:
hard to pick as I love to eat. Biscuits and Indian food are high up there
favourite colour: the colours in nature make me very happy
favourite book: I’ve been an avid reader my whole life, and read so many things that it’s impossible to choose
favourite film: the best film I saw last year was Mad Max: Fury Road. My favourite so far in 2016 has been Deadpool

If I could be introduced to anyone in the world, who would I choose from the following categories:

actor / actress: it would definitely be an actress, but there are so many amazing and inspirational women out there that I’m having a hard time chosing

musician: Kate Bush

cartoon character: Finn&Jake (package deal!), also the Crystal Gems (package deal!), also Captain Planet & the Planeteers (…you know what’s up, they’re a package deal)

sports person: what is “sport”?

book character: Harry Potter, who would then introduce me to everyone and enroll me at Hogwarts

writer: I met Scarlett Thomas a few years ago and was so overwhelmed that I cried. I would like to do the same to JK Rowling one day (sorry, Jo)

I love spending time doing these things:
hanging out with my husband
2- yoga
3- eating enormous quantities of biscuits without shame

I would never spend time doing these things:
being mean to animals or plants
2- eating escargot
3- damaging or defacing books

I worry about…. so many things! Global warming, injustice, terrible messages in the media, pollution… also, being late, making a good first impression, having dinner on time, sitting next to somebody I don’t know in the cinema. If it can be worried about, I’m the woman for the job

I am proud of…. making this podcast!

I am interested in…. nature, animal facts, film trivia, equality

I am afraid of…. monsters, looking stupid, running out of biscuits

I don’t believe in…. meninism

I am good at…. procrastinating

I am poor at…. completing tasks in a timely manner

I have to…. make the bed every day

Nick, my family and friends, and cute animal videos….make me laugh

Animal videos that you think will be cute but are actually unkind….make me sad

Injustice….makes me angry
And now for the answer to (almost) every Disney question you ever wanted to ask Jen…
Favourite animated film: Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Hercules, Brother Bear
Favourite live action film: Parent Trap (1961), High School Musical

Favourite character: Ariel, Belle, Aladdin, Hercules, Robin & Little John, Rapunzel, Mulan

Favourite villain: Maleficent, Prince John, Randall, Lucifer, Gaston, Hades
Favourite hero: Aladdin, Hercules, Robin Hood
Favourite heroine: Ariel, Belle, Rapunzel, Elsa, Mulan, Pocahontas, Tiana
Favourite princess: Same answer as the last question! But actually all of them, really
Favourite prince: Prince John, hahaha
Favourite animal sidekick: Pegasus, Meeko, Pascal
Favourite human sidekick: Smee
Favourite duo: Timon and Pumbaa! Also Pain and Panic
Favourite voice actor: Whoopi Goldberg, Robin Williams
Favourite live actor: Hayley Mills, Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke
Favourite quotes: Everything the Genie says
Favourite outtakes (Pixar films): the Put That Thing Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me musical from Monsters Inc
Favourite princess movie: All of them
Favourite non princess movie: Parent Trap (1961), Hercules, Tarzan (for this I am considering every film that contains a princess as a princess movie, so that includes Aladdin, etc)
Favourite scene: too many to name! Hercules’s training montage is the first one that comes to mind
Favourite song: Little Town, Let It Go, Just Can’t Wait to be King, everything from Aladdin, Hercules & Little Mermaid
Favourite couple: Aladdin and Jasmine, Meg and Hercules, Rapunzel and Flynn (these are the couples where they are both awesome! So many princesses let down by boring princes, boooo)
Favourite kiss: Troy and Gabriella in the first High School Musical… wait, what?
Favourite hair: Ariel, for defying both gravity and moisture *sigh* I can dream. Rapunzel obviously. Meg has epic hair
Favourite fairy: Tinkerbell! I love her after watching the Tink films. Also Fairy Godmother in both Cinderellas, and the three good fairies from Sleeping Beauty
Favourite dance: Genie during Friend Like Me and Prince Ali
Favourite sequel: Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea
Favourite outfit: Elsa’s ice outfit. I want to wear it
Favourite wardrobe: The talking one from Beauty and the Beast!
Favourite setting: North America as depicted in Brother Bear and Pocahontas
Favourite soundtrack: Hercules
Favourite park: Disneyland, Hollywood Studios
Favourite ride: Space Mountain, Star Tours, Tower of Terror
Favourite memory from the parks: the first time I went on Tower of Terror, it was Nick’s first time too. The combination of screaming and laughing is one of my favourite memories ever
Favourite show in the parks: honestly, struggling to name even one. I’m more of a rides woman
Favourite restaurant in the parks: the ice cream trucks
Favourite food in the parks: the ice cream Mickey face
Favourite face character in the parks: all of them
Favourite character in the parks: the villains
Favourite piece of Disney clothing: I have Muppet socks, and not much else
Favourite Disney accessory: my name badge
Favourite piece of Disney merchandise: baby Pegasus cuddly toy which Katie gave me after we went to Disneyland Paris
Favourite Disney pin: my one year pin
Favourite Disney podcast: am I allowed to say ours?!
A scene in any Disney movie you wish you could experience: Troy and Gabriella meeting for the first time at the ski lodge and doing karaoke. Maybe Nick will act this out with me if I ask nicely
Which world / setting would you like to live in the most: Robin Hood’s anthropomorpic world (after King Richard returns, obvs). I would like to be fluffy and have a big tail, please
Which character are you most like? I did a quiz that said I was Mulan. And when I told Katie I liked Tink, she said, “you are a bit of a Tinkerbell”
A moment that never fails to make you cry: the end of Homeward Bound. Even thinking or talking about it makes me well up
A moment that never fails to make you laugh: the Genie’s jokes, anytime Hades is cross
A film you can watch over and over: most of the classics are good for a rewatch every so often
A film you feel you wasted your life watching: The Good Dinosaur. Just, what? Who was in charge of that? Who authorised it? Who thought it was a good idea?!
A film you wish was Disney so you could discuss it on the podcast: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang