Eyes – June Blog Challenge Day 27

I talked about prince eyes a little in my prince blog earlier in the month, so I’m going to talk about princess eyes today.

Did you know that Rapunzel has the biggest eyes, and Ariel has the second largest?

If you start looking up info about eyes in Disney, you come across a lot of weird stuff. Firstly, lots of points about how princesses eyes are bigger than their waists, and therefore they literally have eyes bigger than their bellies.

Buzzfeed have a slightly disturbing article showing what it would look like if Disney princesses had normal-size eyes. Spoiler alert: they are all as weird as this example of Ariel.

ariel eyes

This cool picture (courtesy of griffsnuff.deviantart.com)shows the current evolution of eye sizes, and a prediction for the future. Turns out that as well as ever-explanding eyeballs, the tiny noses are dropping further down the princesses faces as time wears on too.

princess eyes



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