Magical Moments – June Blog Challenge Day 26

There are many magic spells, enchantments and happenings in disney films. Some of them by people who are magic and some by people who just use it. They use it for good, for bad and for a happy ending. Here are just some of the magic moments in Disney films.

Good magic users:

The Genie is responsible for some excellent magic, turning a street rat into the Prince and conjuring up all Prince Ali’s entourage. Peter Pan uses pixie dust for his magic. The Blue Fairy helps Pinocchio become a real boy, the fairy godmother sorts out poor Cinderella while Miss Price defeats a Nazi invasion conjuring an ancient army.

Misguided magic:

The Witch in Brave gives Merida a cake that will change her fate (in a rather terrible way!)

Bad magic users:

Ursula uses magic to trick Ariel into submitting her voice in order for her to grow legs and go to land. Jafar does all sorts of terrible things no less than mind control on the Sultan. The evil Queen poisons Snow White’s Apple.

But my top magical moment is from Beauty and the Beast where Belle believes that the Beast is dead only for him to be whipped up into a magic swirl and become a human man once more. The spell (curse) has been reversed.



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