Villains – June Blog Challenge Day 25

Disney villains are big business. Just like the princesses, they have their own franchise. The primary villains are:

  • Maleficent

  • Evil Queen

  • Cruella De Vil

  • Ursula

  • Captain Hook

  • Jafar

  • Hades

  • Scar

  • Queen of Hearts

  • Dr. Facilier

  • Chernabog

Maleficent is arguably the best because she’s the only one to have her own film. Also she is played by Angelina Jolie, who is arguably one of the most awesome women ever. I say “arguably” because I will argue with you if you say otherwise.

Then we have our secondary villains. They appear in some material but aren’t seen as often as the primaries. These villains are:

  • Gaston

  • Pete

  • Lady Tremaine

  • Claude Frollo

  • Yzma

  • Oogie Boogie

  • Big Bad Wolf

  • Si and Am

  • Mr. Smee

  • Shenzi, Banzai and Ed

  • Pain and Panic

  • Iago

  • Lucifer

  • Kaa

  • Flotsam and Jetsam

  • Diablo

I largely disagree with this list because there are quite a few snake wives on this list, also did Iago not prove himself? Must we hold his crimes against him forever? I also think that Si and Am and Lucifer shouldn’t appear here, because they’re just cats, you guys. All cats are weird (for the record, I (Jen) love cats. I love them so much. But they are weird). And some cats are just mean. All three on the list just act like any cat would. I am, however, delighted to see Oogie Boogie on this list, because I like him in the way in which I find him genuinely very frightening and disturbing.

Anyway. This isn’t my talk show where I give my opinion on everything. I’m here to provide the FACTS.

There is an “other members” section of the franchise, it’s pretty long and I’ll let you look it up yourself. Notable characters include Mother Gothel, King Candy, Madam Mim, Prince John, Ratigan, and Hans. Hans who might not be the villain! I’m still not over that.

Then we have some sub-franchises! Say what?

First up, Disney’s Divas of Darkness. OMG. What a name. I want to be in that club. DDD contains the most recognisable lady villains. They are incidentally also some of the most glam villains. In here we’ve got:

  • Evil Queen

  • Lady Tremaine

  • Queen of Hearts

  • Maleficent

  • Cruella De Vil

  • Ursula

And occasionally also:

  • Madam Mim

  • Yzma

  • Mother Gothel

We also have Disney Evil Cats. This franchise is also known as Disney’s Sinister Cats or just plain old Disney Cats (even though no kitty protagonists like Duchess or Oliver appear in it, so that name is kinda misleading). Official members are:

  • Lucifer

  • Si and Am

  • Shere Kham

  • Felicia

  • Scar

  • Cheshire Cat

Look, I am genuinely really into cats, but I feel like the barrel is being scraped here. Cheshire isn’t really evil, is he?, he’s just unhelpful and sometimes antagonistic. Shere Khan and Scar aren’t the first ones that pop to mind when I am thinking of kitties. Glad to see Felicia though!

There is a lot of villain merchandise. Like, a lot. Pretty much anything you can think of, but my favourite has to be the villain make-up line. Villains don’t have to obey the rule about bold lips OR eyes. They do what they want, and they go all out (Ursula’s look was based on American actor and drag queen Divine)! I get down with that.

villains make up.jpg

PS what setting spray does Ursula use? It’s seriously waterproof.

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