Saddest moments -June Blog Challenge Day 22

I have picked three saddest moments in Disney film.

The Death of Mufasa, The Lion King:

Oh my goodness, the death of a Disney parent is not an uncommon thing, but most often it’s already happened or it happens off screen. But this one happens slap bang in the middle of a loud and scary stampede and to top it all off it’s a murder. The silence that follows punctuated only by Simba’s sobs is very moving and emotionally damaging for the majority.

The Furnace, Toy Story 3:

It’s an emotional ending anyway but just before that it seems that all is lost for the toys we know and love. Instead of them showing fear or anger, they join hands. Ready to go together. The bravery and acceptance of that is something that makes my eyes fill with tears every time. Bravery is an emotive trait. Bravery in the face of complete hopelessness is worthy of anyone’s tears.

The Beginning of UP:

I have never seen this film and it’s opening scenes notoriety is one of the reasons. I’m waiting til I’m emotionally capable to deal with it.

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