Sidekicks – June Blog Challenge Day 15

A few episodes ago, our Disney Daydream was asking our listeners who their favourite sidekick was. Pascal and Stitch got the majority of votes (and Katie and I supported that result wholeheartedly), so now I’m wondering, who are some other sidekicks of note?

The originals, from the first Walt Disney Productions animated film, are the seven dwarfs. Great range of extreme characteristics there – there’s someone for everyone. Not that I think Snow is the kind of lady to pick a favourite.

Then we have Cinderella, who also favours a gang of sidekicks and hangs out with a whole host of mice. She’s so cool to them that they make her a dress and help with all of her chores.

Tinkerbell is one who stands out for me. I didn’t like her so much in the past(!), but since watching the newer Tinkerbell films, she is easily one of my favourite characters ever. She’s strong-willed, sassy, and always there in times of need.

Archimedes from Sword In The Stone tickles me. If you can’t have a friendly and helpful sidekick, then why not go all out and have one that’s way smarter and more sensible than you, and will call you out on everything. Archimedes keeps it real.

How about a flying horse made by Zeus out of clouds? If you aren’t into Pegasus, then I’m not sure what to tell you.

If winter is more your thing, there’s Olaf, the talking snowman with his own flurry. Also, he’d melt to save your life, because that’s just the kind of guy he is.

Abu from Aladdin has always been one of my faves. He’s a bit like Archimedes, in that he calls Aladdin out on stuff he doesn’t like, but he’s a loyal buddy to have. Remember when he couldn’t open or eat any bananas because he was stuck as an elephant for a lot of the film? He’s a good monkey.

Also on the Aladdin theme, who wouldn’t want Genie as a sidekick? Sure, you only get three wishes, and in good conscience you should be using your last one to set him free, but wishes aside Genie makes a whole lot of magic happen, free of charge. Also he’s a hoot and cracks out some amazing musical numbers.

If you’ve read some of the other posts, you’ll know I’m a big Mulan fan. Her entire entourage is fab, but I think Mushu takes the prize. He’s sassy and opinionated, but he also has a huge heart and would do anything to help Mulan out.

The last one on my list, and for me one of the ultimate: Jiminy Cricket. A sidekick who is also your extra conscience! He’s all heart, and all about doing the right thing.

If there’s somebody who you think should have featured on this list, let us know! We always want to hear thoughts and opinions on the stuff we talk about 🙂

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