Live Action Films – June Blog Challenge Day 16

In the spirit of made up awards here are some of my own.

Welcome to the Disney live action award ceremony. Tonight’s awards will begin as soon as you’ve taken your seat and I, your host have done a long megamix of songs and dancing.

Film I watched most as a child award:

All together now Mary Poppins. If you’ve heard the podcast you will know that I love this film and that as well as all the actual awards it won this might be it’s greatest accolade yet!

Film with the most false title award:

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. Because it isn’t the story of Alice in Wonderland. Even Wikipedia won’t accept it as an adaptation. Within this film we see clips of the actual story of Alice, but why they couldn’t just make that one I do not know.

Most bonkers film award:

Angela Lansbury, Nazi’s and moving armour. Yes, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, the old curates egg of a film. Some say Mary Poppins’ poor cousin, I say a wannabe witch, singing under the sea and a man who lives with an unexploded bomb. Off it’s rocker!

Honourable mention to Candleshoe that I will be looking at in more depth on June 18th.

The alright that’s enough now award:

Pirates of the Caribbean.  No one needs the fifth one. Honest. Not the creatives, not the cast… well maybe Orlando Bloom. Move on now.

Film that all 30 somethings talk about when recalling childhood films award.

Labyrinth, Goonies and tonight’s winner Hocus Pocus. Terrific Halloween film that panned on release but went on to have a cult following. Rumours abound about a sequel but it seems unlikely.

Honourable mention to Cool Runnings.

Most incredibly unnecessary adaptation award:

As a fan of the books and of the old BBC adaptation I saw no need for a film version of The Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe. Especially one that felt it had to have added waterfall peril.

The ‘that’s quite dark for a Disney film’ award:

Sondheim musical  Into the Woods and they toned down a lot of the death and violence! But still.

Honourable mention to the new live action Jungle Book. Some of those scenes are SCARY!

The film I am most looking forward to award:

The BFG. Mark Rylance! Penelope Wilton as the Queen. Yes please Disney!

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