Pets – June Blog Challenge Day 14

Pluto is the original pet. Mickey Mouse’s dog. But how much do you know about him?

Pluto, also known as Pluto the Pup was originally called Rover

He first appeared in the 1930 Mickey Mouse cartoon The Chain Gang as a bloodhound on the trail of escaped prisoner Mickey Mouse. There were actually two original bloodhounds.

The bloodhound character was adapted into Minnie Mouse’s dog, Rover. His name was later changed to Pluto and his owner to Mickey Mouse, making him Mickey’s best pal. He has however been shown as the pet of Donald Duck and of Goofy.

He has been voiced by Pinto Colvig (1931-1961) Lee Millar Sr. (1939-1941) Clarence Nash (1939, Mickey’s Surprise Party) James MacDonald (briefly) and Bill Farmer (1990-present)

Pluto was a bit of a romantic. He went to great lengths to woo the object of his affection. Some of the ladies Pluto has been smitten with include: Fifi the Peke, Dinah the Dachshund, and Tiki.

His enemy is Butch the Bulldog (voiced by Podcast favourite Frank Welker).

He was the one and only member of Mickey’s gang to star in his very own Silly Symphony cartoon, Mother Pluto (1936). (which by the way is adorable).

And In 1942, Walt Disney said, Pluto “was presented with the Tailwagger’s own Academy Award®, the Boscar, for being the most promising dog actor of the year. The Tailwaggers Foundation funds qualified nonprofit organizations that aid sick animals to which Walt Disney was a generous donor—a fact that undoubtedly made Pluto’s tail wag, indeed.

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