Henchmen – June Blog Challenge Day 13

Henchmen are integral to a story where a villian is going to try and ruin everything for our lovely heroine or hero. And a villain can’t do their dirty work themselves, can they?

When we were making the Robin Hood podcast, we got really into the idea of “snake wives”. This came about from Prince John telling Sir Hiss to stay still so he can punch him. “He’s just a poor abused snake wife!” was spoken, we laughed about it for a long time. On any given evening, we’d be randomly busting into the giggles and saying, “snake wife!” to ourselves. Good times.

But what makes a snake wife? You don’t have to be a snake. You just have to be a henchman who would be a goodie if you weren’t busy serving a villain and doing all the things that you don’t exactly agree with. If the villain you’re serving is mean and bullies you a bit, if you’re unhappy with your lot in life, if as soon as Randall leaves you throw yourself wholeheartedly into making children laugh, then you’re probably a snake wife.

We’re always eagerly looking out for the next one to join Sir Hiss, Jeff Fungus and Admiral Boom’s mate. Let us know if you think of any more. We’ll definitely be letting you know as we find them!


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