Couples – June Blog Challenge Day 11

Love is in the air. In a Disney film, when you fall in love it’s forever (unless you’re Pocahontas and John Smith) (or he let’s you die so he can take your kingdom – I’m looking at you, maybe-mistaken Hans), and so everybody is obviously terribly well-suited and I’m sure nobody ever gets bothered about laundry on the floor or the washing up not being done, as us mere mortals do. When you’re Disney, you can solve everything with a song and you probably never have a bad attitude for long.

My favourite couples are the ones where there’s an equal amount of badassery coming from each side. There are a whole lot of them who meet this bar, but let me tell you my super-favourites:

Aladdin & Jasmine

Aladdin was the first Disney film I saw where I felt that both halves were equally awesome. Before that, I’d felt like there were a lot of lovely princesses, but not a lot of tough ones. Then we got Ariel (special shout out), but for me at least, Eric had only marginally more dimension than a sheet of paper. Aladdin and Jasmine were my original power couple. I was a little bit in love with both of them. I kind of still am.

Hercules & Megara

Herc is a great guy who goes above and beyond to become a hero, Meg has all of the attitude and also really great hair.

Mulan & Shang

He’s the poor dude faced with turning farmers and shopkeepers into warriors. She’s the girl who cuts her hair off with her dad’s sword, then nicks the sword, plus his armour and the family horse so that she can save him from being enlisted. THEN she also has to become a warrior and save like, the whole of China. Mulan is just… there aren’t words to describe how I love Mulan.

Rapunzel & Flynn/Eugene

She’s sweet and brave. He’s a trouble-making thief. A little bit of plot development here and a twist there – they’re a match made in heaven.

Fix-It Felix Jr & Sergeant Calhoun

He’s so cute! He lives in Niceland! His entire MO is fixing broken things! She’s been programmed with “the most tragic back story ever”. I can’t even. I go gooey just thinking about them.

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