Prequels/Sequels – June Blog Challenge Day 10

Here are some sequels and prequels I’d like to see.

Mary Poppins 2:

Jane Banks is now a grown up with children of her own and it’s the brink of World War 2. She needs her old nanny to help keep her family together through one of the toughest times in world history.

Robin Hood: An outlaw for an in law!

Robin is happily married to Marian but he misses Sherwood Forest however when King Richard dies England is under threat once more from the now King John and Nottingham knows who they can turn to.

Beauty and the Beast: In the closet

The whole story told entirely from the point of view of the wardrobe character.

Toy story O

The story of how Andy came to own Woody and how the cowboy achieved the position of power he now holds.

Monsters Inc: The incredible rise of Jeff Fungus

With Randall gone Jeff Fungus is free to live his own life bringing laughter to many and expressing himself freely. He’s ambitious but fair and maybe he’ll make it right the way to the top and maybe he’ll fall in love.

Marlin and Mrs Nemo a love story

The story of how they met and fell in love even though we know it doesn’t end well.

Nightmare before Christmas: The Best Halloween Yet

Short film about the inhabitants of Halloween town and the best year they had. How proud the mayor is and how well all the townspeople did at scaring everyone.

Ratatouille 2: L’amor  est dans l’air

Love is in the air for Linguini and Colette and Remy has found a female friend too. But what meal to cook to win her heart?

Inside out: Pu-berty

How will Joy, Anger, Sadness, Disgust and Fear cope with Riley’s adolescence?

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