Official Princes – June Blog Challenge Day 9

Did you know:

  • Snow White’s prince’s real name is either Florian or Ferdinand, depending on who you ask. There are also rumours of artwork and documents in the Walt Disney Studio Archives that call him Frederick. He didn’t originally have a name at all – he was so hard to animate that he was given heavily reduced screen time (and so I guess nobody cared too much)

  • Cinderella’s prince is commonly known as Charming, but is officially named Henry

  • Prince Philip is the first prince to have been given a proper name

  • Beast didn’t have a real name until after the film had been made. It was suggested that the writers and producers were so busy that they simply forgot

  • John Smith is blond and Adam in human form is a redhead – they’re the only official princes to not have black or brown hair

  • Li Shang is the only franchise prince who isn’t royal by blood or marriage

  • Naveen is the only prince to not have brown or blue eyes, his are amber

  • John Smith is the only prince to not end up happily ever after with his princess, as Pocahontas falls in love with John Rolfe in the sequel

  • Beast and Aladdin are the only protagonist princes. Belle and Beast are co-protagonists while Aladdin is the only prince to have a bigger role than his princess

  • Flynn Rider‘s development included the “hot man meeting”. The directors invited female crew members to a rather infamous meeting to talk about (and share pictures of) what they considered attractive in a man. He is also the first prince to have facial hair (and only the second hero, after Phoebus)

  • Adam, Aladdin and Eugene are the only princes to go by other names (Beast, Prince Ali and Flynn Rider, respectively)

  • Brave is the only film to have an official princess but no prince, this is because Merida is a massive badass doesn’t fall in love in the film

  • Charming, Aladdin and Li Shang are the only princes to have two voice actors (one each for speaking and for singing)

  • Charming, Phillip, Aladdin and Eugene are the only princes to sing a duet with their princesses

  • Bambi is known as “the prince of the forest”, however the anti-animal nonsense is in play again here (just like with the princesses) and he isn’t allowed in the official franchise because he’s not human. Sounds like a clear cut case of deerscrimination to me

  • Prince John, well, it says it on the tin, but because he’s an animal AND a villain, he is also rejected

  • Prince Hans is a terrible person and nobody minds at all that he has been left out (although please see again the article discussing how he isn’t the real villain of Frozen #obsessedwiththis)

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