Walt Disney Films – June Blog Challenge Day 6

Walt Disney Film was my prompt for today. How could I possibly choose one film or a few films when so many of them mean so much to so many people. I stared at the screen trying to summarise Disney and realised that this task was hard. So I took a deep breathe and this is what I wrote…

There’s a boy and he can fly or he’s made of wood and there’s a girl who’s a scullery maid when she should be a princess. There’s an elephant with anxiety and a deer who’s an orphan. Actually there’s a lot of orphans. There’s a girl and she’s lost in place that makes no sense, there’s a spotty dog and another and another and another. There’s a boy who will be king, there’s a boy who’ll be a man. There’s a Fox who’s a bounder, there’s a dog who’s a cad. There’s a bear who loves his tummy, there’s a girl who wants to change, there’s mice as brave as tigers and a lion who faces his past. There’s a street rat with a heart and a book worm with courage. There are women brave against all odds, there’s family love that wins the day. There’s myth, there’s magic there’s mayhem. There’s outcasts, there’s heroes, there’s friendships that will last forever. There’s hope, there’s bravery, there’s fear, there’s adventures, there’s love and there’s fantasy, there’s reality and it’s all Disney.

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