Disney Heroines – June Blog Challenge Day 2

Welcome to my A to Z of Disney heroines. Incredibly proud that I even managed an X!

A is for Ariel, Alice, Aurora, Anna and Adventure

B is for Belle, Boo and Bravery

C is for Cinderella, Celia, Colette and Curiousity

D is for Dory, Duchess and Determination

E is for Elsa, Esmeralda and Excitement

F is for Feisty and free spirited

G is for Gogo Tamago, Gutsy and Graceful

H is for Honey Lemon, Headstrong and hardworking

I is for intellectual and independent

J is for Jasmine, Jane and Joy

K is for Kida, Kluck (Lady) and kindness

L is for Lilo, Lady and Liveliness

M is for Mulan, Mary Poppins, Merida, Megara and Marie

N is for Nani, Nala and Naughty

O is for Olivia and Outgoing

P is for Pocahontas, Penny and Princesses

Q is for Queen Elinor and Quick witted

R is for Rapunzel, Romance and Responsible

S is for Snow White and Scullery Maids

T is for Tiana, Tink, Tiger Lily and Thoughtful

U is for unpredictable and understanding

V is for Vanellope, Violet, Vivacious

W is for Wendy, whimsical, warriors

X is for Xenodochial (it means kind to strangers)

Y is for youthful

Z is for Zestful

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