Lion King Play Sets

These were the two playsets I mention in the Podcast. The smaller on closes to make a mini pride rock. The little models were very cute and they went alongside my Polly Pockets with not too much trouble!

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The Larger Playset had some great features, the top part of pride rock swiveled to reveal Rafiki’s home. The pool could hold water and if you pressed the large rock (where Rafiki stands) it makes the water bubble. The rib cage (where Simba stands) springs back to make a cage if you press the small skull (near the hyena).

I had some of my best play times with these and I remember being glad to hand it over to a little girl I knew so she could play too when I became ‘too old’

– Katie

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I really loved my Lion King Jumper



I am not sure how many times between May 1995 to Jan 1996 I wore this jumper but certainly (Christmas day aside) when Mum was taking photos, I was wearing it. My birthday party (far right) then top left and top middle are from October 1995 and below is from Nov / Dec 1995.

It seems I have always been one of those people who when they love an item of clothing they will wear it to death! I wonder when I took it off for that last time?


The Lion King Podcast

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