A Few thoughts about Snow White

Snow White was an obvious choice for a first episode. It was the first animated Walt Disney picture and a great place for us to start our podcast adventure.

The Podcast came about due a series of coincidences in January when I was looking for a project, something to be really dedicated to and something to really put time and effort in but I knew I couldn’t do it by myself.

I mentioned it casually to Jen in a text message, without thinking that in a few short weeks we would have an actual podcast actually downloaded and listened to! Jen agreed to co-host and had some amazing ideas to add to my initial proposal.

We recorded a pilot to see how we would sound, to explore the software we were using and generally understand how the podcasts would work out. We were pleased and recorded the first broadcasted episode Snow White. Together we accessed social media creating facebook, twitter, this site and others. Hoping to find our audience.

At the minute we know that mostly our listeners are our friends, our Mums and ourselves but we hope as the weeks roll on and we have more content and more exciting things to share that we will find and keep a super fantastic audience that share our passion for Disney.


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